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Billionare Investor, ABC's Shark Tank star and author of Shark Tales. New York Times Best Selling Author, Millionaire Maker for Entrepreneur's & Business Guru. King of TV Info-mericals, CEO of As Seen on TV & original Shark Tank cast member.
"Crystal's written the Ultimate How-To book for female Entrepreneurs. She'll set you on the road to starting your own successful business in no time." "Crystal will wake up and shake up your life. She's got the 'it' factor. She's a raw, honest truth-teller, straight up. Crystal will leave you super-charged. It's about time someone wrote a book like Unleash Your Moxie." "Unleash Your Moxie is wise & inspiring. Crystal's passion leaps off the page. I'd recommend ANY Entrepreneur read Crystals book, not just Women! It's sure to help you create your own personal economy with HUGE succcess!"


Crystal O'Connor is the founder and CEO of the Moxie Entrepreneur, a marketing & media company. Starting her business from scratch she is known as the queen of Rapid Cash Infusions. She alone is responsible for over $30 Million Dollars in sales over the last 20 years. She's taught thousands of small business owners how to create outrageously profitable businesses via sales and marketing strategies.

Having worked with big companies like Disney to small start-up's ran by the Solopreneur's ...she supports, coaches and teaches thousands of entrepreneur's enrolled in her wealth & business programs. She's developed razor sharp marketing campaigns to sky-rocket business growth fast and can teach you how to do it too.

Known for her signature products and programs like the Rapid Cash Infusion and Moxie Money Making Blueprint, she teaches Entrepreneurs simple & effective ways to market & promote their businesses at every level. Crystal is passionate about helping the female Entrepreneur in their quest for time and financial freedom.

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A Step-by-Step Monthly Program for Beginners Making $0-$50K a Year

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top10incomestreamsaudiocd Crystal will show you easy ways to generate cash-flow for your business and life... how to create multiple streams of income from home... secret low cost ways to market & promote your business... and more!

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How to Move People to Action with Your Signature Story that Sells

Story Selling as an Entrepreneur is essential and here's how to do it: When it comes to the internet you have one shot to get the audience's attention so you've got to tell a story but not just any story, a GOOD story. Basically a good story is the promise of a better future. You need to show a way to get where they want to go. This story is a promise and commitment  connecting them where THEY want to go as well. Stories are 22% more memorable than facts alone.   Neurologically, our … [Read More...]

How to Stop your Bad Habit Loop of Starting and Stopping before you Create Income Momentum.

I started a 30 Day Moxie Challenge program to increase a group of my clients sales and business momentum. I knew once they really took a deeper look at their habits and tweaked what they were doing they'd shift and it would touch every area of their lives, ESPECIALLY their bank accounts. Using terms like 'feeling stuck' and 'burnt out' are always a sure sign it's time to break out of the mold casting we've encased ourselves in. It happens to all of us. You can almost never do this without … [Read More...]

How to Build a List of Thousands of Paying clients in 90 Days or Less

When I started a business online I came from a place of knowing the power of the list and how to build a list of thousands quickly. Even though I'd never done "online business" and wasn't completely sure what that even meant, I did know a database was the answer. That made all the difference for me. Coming from a background in commercial real estate, publishing sales, TV advertising, insurance sales and even the weight loss industry.... I knew hitting sales numbers, attracting and … [Read More...]


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