Do this one thing and make crazy-stupid money in 2015!


Tweet Focus! Focus! Focus! Be intentional about what you want and obsessively, relentlessly focus on that. If it’s income…. increase your list and focus on lead generation. I teach a list building method that will build you a sizable, warm and sustainable list swiftly and systematically. It’s all laid out for you in my step-by-step […]

7 Things that will dramatically change your life and business.

Tweet   I can detect where a prospects problem is in just minutes of talking to them. It’s in their language.  I can also tell if they have their guard up and are resistant to change and getting real help. Sometimes we are so fixated on refusing help and doing it ourselves that we sink […]

How to get uncommon results in business revenue


Tweet   The other day I was being interviewed about uncommon results. What uncommon means and what COMMON looks like in business. Did you know that it’s common for coaches and consultants to make about $20k a year? Sad. I remember a Woman at an event once telling me she wasn’t about to be a […]

How I Learned the ‘Fake it til You Make it’ Lesson as Little Miss Hawaii; age 6.


Tweet Dance to your Own Music “Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free.” ~Madonna    I was about 6 years old. We lived the small town of Windsor in Illinois for the first 8 years of my life and the community knew each other well.  It was about that time of year. The annual festival […]

Are you a victim too busy fighting Success rather than just getting Moxie?

MoxieU 4

Tweet I have to be really honest with you about something and it’s very personal.  It’s about as vunerable as I’ve ever been.  I tap into this a lot in my upcoming book.  My story.  I do it to help you.  I did it because I’ve worked with so many business owners over the last […]

The real reason you’re not asking Top Dollar for your services.


Tweet It startles me how many start out in business online thinking small, pricing small and exhausting themselves while attempting to sell a $47 ebook. It’s no wonder they give up too soon. Who in their right mind could sustain any level of enthusiasm while walking away with $47 at the end of the day? […]

How to make $50k a week in your business.

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Tweet    1. Make what you’re doing about THEM,  not you.  I believe that money and the amount of money you earn is a reflection of the amount of people you’ve served and at what level you’ve served them. Stop and ask yourself how many people you’ve served and the value you’ve provided.  If you’re holding back […]

3 Instagram Apps that super-charge your marketing.

video apps for instagram

Tweet It’s been said that Instagram is quite different than Facebook and Twitter.  It’s most like Pinterest.   Instagram has evolved into a fantastic and powerful way to market your business and share information as well. Pic Play Post- Video App Video is powerful and Instagram allows each video to be :15 seconds. This app takes […]

7 Ways to create Killer Content in less than 15 minutes a day.


Tweet Creating killer content is essential while marketing your business online. Its purpose is to educate your prospects about what you do but it’s just as vital to draw them in using compelling and juicy reasons those prospects should take notice and visit your site. So, let’s chat about that, shall we? So you’ve got […]

How to stay committed to your business goals even when you’ve missed the boat every other year!


Tweet I get questions a lot. They go like this…. “Are there any guarantees with running an online business?” or “I’d like to run a coaching business like yours and I have so many ideas but I’m not seeing the results I really want yet, why?“ or “I want to start working from home and […]