How to make $50k a week in your business.

Tweet    1. Make what you’re doing about THEM,  not you.  I believe that money and the amount of money you earn is a reflection of that amount of people you’ve served and at what level you’ve served them. Stop and ask yourself how many people you’ve served and the value you’ve provided.  If you’re holding back […]

3 Instagram Apps that super-charge your marketing.

video apps for instagram

Tweet It’s been said that Instagram is quite different than Facebook and Twitter.  It’s most like Pinterest.   Instagram has evolved into a fantastic and powerful way to market your business and share information as well. Pic Play Post- Video App Video is powerful and Instagram allows each video to be :15 seconds. This app takes […]

7 Ways to create Killer Content in less than 15 minutes a day.


Tweet Creating killer content is essential while marketing your business online. Its purpose is to educate your prospects about what you do but it’s just as vital to draw them in using compelling and juicy reasons those prospects should take notice and visit your site. So, let’s chat about that, shall we? So you’ve got […]

How to stay committed to your business goals in 2014 even when you’ve missed the boat every other year!

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Tweet I get questions a lot. They go like this…. “Are there any guarantees with running an online business?” or “I’d like to run a coaching business like yours and I have so many ideas but I’m not seeing the results I really want yet, why?“ or “I want to start working from home and […]

Content Marketing and Blogging for Business: 3 Ideas that really work!

content marketing 2014

Tweet According to a recent Forbes Magazine article content marketing will be more powerful than ever in 2014.  The trend is brought on by businesses gaining a positive reputation in their industry and seeing a decrease in television ads and radio ads effectiveness. It’s being proven more and more that using inbound marketing techniques, by […]

How to have your first five figure month with your online business.

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Tweet Having been in sales and marketing now for over 15 years I’ve come to know what it takes to have a five figure month. Online business is not easy. It can be confusing and  downright overwhelming when you continue to  clutter your mind with expert opinions being thrown at you  from all angles.  What […]

Easy and fun ways to get more clients quickly by staying in touch with them.

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Tweet       The fastest and most effective way to get more clients quickly is by staying in touch with them.  There are ways to do it that doesn’t take a ton of time while getting you closer to their heart and earning their trust.  What you’ll learn in this 20 minute interview: How […]

The Miley Cyrus School of Marketing, PR and Busting Out

miley cyrus

Tweet  Miley Cyrus can teach us a few things about Marketing, PR and Busting out while getting some attention.   She had to do something to break out of the teen pop mold… and that’s exactly what she did.  She did exactly what was needed to disgust people and bust right out of that little […]

How to stack the odds in your favor in business.

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Tweet I’m about to give you the keys to the business kingdom.   So let me tell you how I stack the odds in my favor in my business so I don’t waste time and actually make money every single week. When I started my business from scratch just 3 short years ago I wasn’t sure […]

How this stupid simple video brought me a tidal wave of paying clients.

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Tweet When you know what you should be doing you won’t get so overwhelmed and want to quit. I have something to reveal to you…..Less than 3 short years ago I started my business from scratch.  It’s almost embarrassing the success I had so fast.  I surpassed six figures in 9 months. Sadly, It’s not […]