Make a Six Figure income with an online business as a single mom.

Are you a divorced or single Mom and have trouble making ends meet at the end of the month and would love to make a six figure income  from home?

Do you fear the embarrassment and humiliation of not being able to pay for all of your groceries at the check out line?

Have  you ever woke up with that 2 AM panic… trying to decide which you should pay first;  the light bill, electric bill or buy your son that bike he really wants for his birthday?

Did you skip paying your car insurance last month to get caught up on credit card bills hoping the bill collectors will stop harassing you?

Do you wonder if it will ever get better?  If you will ever catch up, get ahead and be able to just be a Mom and relax and enjoy them while they are still here?  Do you wish you could do more for them?

Yearn for the day you can take them on a Cruise vacation and just watch them enjoy the BIG boat while making a six figure online business?

This was me three years ago before I started my own online business.  I am a Mother of 3 young children and I was always hoping and praying that I could figure it all out and get everything paid for while putting away money for their future as well.

However, I was always coming up short.  It seemed like every time I would get ahead I was hit with a doctor bill that came from left field or a birthday party that went a little overboard.

Now, it’s hard for me to think about because it’s not an issue.  I know one thing for certain, I am unemployable and it doesn’t scare or bother me in the least.  I made a massive paradigm shift in the way I thought and began my own business while making more money that I ever dreamed.

You wouldn’t worry either if you knew what I know now about how online business works and how to get started making a six figures by simply educating yourself and getting a plan together.

When I decided to figure this out and start making six figures with an online business while having a 100% flexible schedule for my seemed at first like ‘pie in the sky.’

But this is what can happen when you put a plan together,  believe in yourself and hire a mentor that helps walk you through the steps to make it happen.

Lack of money can become a non-issue.  Sound too good to be true?

Let me ask you this…if your child support check stopped coming in the mail…could you survive?  What would you do?

Or, do you even get child support?  Many don’t.  If this is you,  consider asking yourself this set of questions and take action today.

Will I be prepared for retirement age or will I have  to keep up this work schedule of overwhelm, overworked and under -appreciated until I’m eighty or older?

Will my kids think this is what life is all about?  Work yourself to the bone only to just ‘get by’ and do without anything extra that life has to offer?

Did you know that the first year after a divorce a woman’s standard of living drops an average of 73% and that 7 out of 10 women will at some time live in poverty?

Depending on a child support check or alimony payment after a divorce is no way to live and can be a recipe for disaster.

My suggestions if any of this all resonates with you:

1. Throw out the emotional baggage– It may be the most difficult thing to do but getting rid of the emotional baggage can alleviate stress faster than the other way around.  Letting go of resentment, anxiety, fears and hopelessness are the first steps toward turning things around.  I’ve seen women wrap their energy and efforts into ‘getting’ more from their ex’s and it does nothing but exacerbate these ‘harbored’ feelings as well as lock you into a world of dependency.  It not only weakens our natural ability to create and ‘think’ ourselves out of our situation but can lead to attracting more financial devastation down the road.  Now is a time to heal and surround ourself with others that have been there and done what we need to do to move on.  I recommend also rethinking the  ‘poor me girlfriend pow-wow’s’ I’ve seen some women get sucked into that tend to be extremely unhelpful.  It may feel good at first to let out your stress by ranting and raving. … while talking with a friend is one thing… engaging in nonproductive and unhealthy ways of moving forward just doesn’t help.

2.  Be Your Own Creative Consultant– When women take a financial nose dive that causes them to hit rock bottom such as supporting a family of four by herself after a divorce… they most often feel an immediate drop in their cash flow.  Many  start cutting expenses and that is certainly logical.  Another way to piggy back on this however, is to find creative ways to make more money with an online business.

It’s time to start brainstorming ways to do this and having someone to help can be a BIG benefit.  An even more powerful way is to get yet another woman’s  perspective.  Brainstorming with others can give you ideas, expand your mind and bring an awareness of what can be done that you alone may have never even thought of.


I came up with a few possible income streams for a client of mine just the other day that looked like this:

  • Dust off an old skill. I gave ‘Trudy’ the idea of making a list of her past experiences and turns out she counseled women at a weight loss clinic years ago and has an associates degree in nutrition.  Bang, there you go.  She is starting a consulting business offering her nutritional services and starting it at home- online.  Within the business model I showed her she will be able to bring in 4 different income streams based on her consulting business.  If she continues down the road we have her set on…she will be able to quit her full time job in no time and start putting money away for her kids’ future as well as her own.
  • Promote her business. While the first two steps will boost her income in the short-term, Trudy is also setting up financial seminars for divorced women for the fall that will attract more clients that want to find balance in their own health as well as learn from her new financial savvy skills.  While she networks she grows her online business and helps others while quickly on her way towards a six figure income.

To learn more about income streams for the long term and the short time (fast cash)…go to the FREE 30 Days 2 Moxie program.